Finding your Pelvic Floor muscles

June 12, 2016

One of the most common things that hear from women attending my classes is, "I'm not sure I'm doing my pelvic floor exercises right."  Given that the childbearing year is when most people hear about their pelvic floor and are encouraged to do some pelvic floor exercises or kegels, the fact that over 90% of women that I see don't really know what that means, sort of guarantees that there will be quite a wide variety of things that people will do when you ask them to show you how they do their pelvic floor exercises.  More often than not people are doing too much, recruiting too many muscles, holding their breath or having difficulty relaxing the pelvic floor muscles because they are engaged or holding tension all the time.  Research tells us that we can't teach an effective pelvic floor muscle contraction within a group situation and that individual guidance and training is best.  Having run classes for over 10 years, I would agree that a better result is gained through an individual approach and assessing the wide variety of factors that can influence how our pelvic floor muscles work with the rest of our body (it is not just about muscle strength!).  However, I still think there is value is trying to create increased body awareness and cueing of the pelvic floor in group situations.  Some people will pick it up straight away and for others who don't it may encourage them to take the next step to getting an individual assessment with a physiotherapist.  So this little video will give you some tips and tricks that may help you find your pelvic floor, but it is important that you seek individual guidance if you still aren't sure whether you've mastered the technique.





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