My top tips for preparing for birth

November 10, 2014

There is no one right way to prepare for the birth of your child.  However, many people feel daunted/afraid/anxious about this bit, and a lot of emphasis is often placed on 'this' bit.


I don't have all the answers but throughout my 10 year journey working with pregnant women, sharing in the joy with many family & friends, as well as my own experience of having 4 babies, these are some of the things I've learnt along the way


  1. Get excited:  Look forward to giving birth, what could be more exciting than finally getting to meet your little one (or more if you are having multiples!).

  2. Be positive:  Have confidence in yourself and your body

  3. Prepare physically: appropriate exercise can prepare you physically for labour (or surgery). Physical activity/exercise can help build endurance, strength, flexibility etc. In addition, feeling physically prepared and confident, can assist with feeling mentally prepared

  4. Prepare mentally: the strategies you use at this point can be many and varied depending on your own preferences. It could include gaining information about the process/options available to you, undertaking relaxation/meditation, or gaining understanding of your own preferences for managing the process of meeting your baby.

  5. Communicate:  Talk to your birthing partner/other support people about your preferences and what you might need from them/how they can support you.  Your support people can do their job better and feel more prepared and empowered about their role if they know how you manage physically & emotionally challenging events

  6. Ask:  Ask questions about things you are concerned about or fear - often things we don't understand or know little about can seem scary.

  7. Not all pain is bad:  Consider labour pain as a positive sign that you and your body are ready for the birth of your baby, and that with each contraction you are one step closer to meeting them.

  8. Your view:  labour/birthing a child (by whatever means) is the shortest phase in motherhood journey (pregnancy = approx. 40 weeks/motherhood = lifetime), enjoy this exciting transformational event.

  9. Your space:  create a birthing space that makes you feel relaxed, safe and comfortable

  10. You're amazing:  Trust yourself and your body.  Growing a baby is truly amazing thing, and you've done an amazing job so far.  Trust that your body does know what to do, work with it...your beautiful bub will also be amazing.


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