All sessions are run by a physiotherapist with over 15 years experience. As such, all exercise options can be adjusted to meet individual needs.


Pregnancy & childbirth can be accompanied by a range of physical ailments such as pelvic girdle pain, back pain, carpal tunnel, pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, and abdominal muscle separation (DRAM). These can be managed within the group exercise setting.


In addition, higher risk pregnancy groups (i.e. twin pregnancy) can also be guided with appropriate exercise in conjunction & consultation with obstetric health providers.



A wide range of exercise styles may be included in Birth & Bub Fit Physiotherapy classes, including aquatic exercise, modified low-impact aerobics, modified step, modified pilates-style exercise, resistance training, exercise balls, postural and movement re-education, cycling classes, functional and sport specific training, relaxation and tai chi.


The key feature of all classes are pelvic floor & abdominal muscle safe exercise options suitable for women during pregnancy & post birth, with education on how to grade the intensity of exercise to suit individual needs.

            MUM'S GROUPS


Are you looking for a different activity to run with your mother's group?


Private mother's group sessions can be arranged by appointment for an introduction to Mum & Bub Fit and safe, realistic postnatal exercise options.


Sessions can be run in the privacy of someone's home or at an outdoor location.


One hour sessions are run at a cost of $90 (group rate)

Birth & Bub Fit Physiotherapy was created to provide women with safe, realistic and appropriate exercise advice; varied and fun exercise options; and group classes to share the journey with other women.  As a physiotherapist & mother of 4 young children, I'm passionate about the role exercise can play in enhancing the health of women and their babies during pregnancy and childbirth.  Recovering and resuming activity safely and at a realistic pace that suits individual needs is also important for long-term health and fitness.

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