Birth & Bub Fit Physiotherapy was created to support women during the childbearing year.  We aim to provide women with safe, realistic and evidence based advice, exercise, and physiotherapy support to help enhance the motherhood journey.  

Individual Physiotherapy Consultations

Individual Physiotherapy appointments are available for women with specific needs during the childbearing year, and can be undertaken in conjunction with other services.  All individual appointments are provided in the comfort of your own home.

Please ensure all pets are secured and that a non-smoking environment is provided.

Initial Assessment (1 hour).......$80

Review (1 hour).......................$55

Review (45 mins).....................$45

Review (30 mins).....................$35

An additional $10 fees applies to people requesting a home visit >20kms from Albury Wodonga

Post Natal Rehabilitation Program - Returning mid-2018
           BIRTH FIT AQUA

Water provides a wonderful medium for exercise during pregnancy.  It reduces the load on joints, muscles and connective tissue, and provides a freedom of movement not available during land based exercises.  Whilst aquatic exercise is suitable for most women during pregnancy, it is particularly suited to women in the 2nd & 3rd trimesters, as well as women experiencing joint pain, pelvic floor or abdominal muscle dysfunction and multiple pregnancies (i.e. twins).  Please complete the Birth Fit Aqua pre-exercise questionnaire prior to your first class.


Location:  Wodonga Sports & Leisure Centre                              Cost:  $13/class, free for WSLC members


What to bring:

  • swimmers

  • towel/dressing gown

  • water bottle

  • non-slip footwear (moving around pool deck)


Supervised and graded postnatal rehabilitation is suitable for women with specific needs post-pregnancy & birth (i.e. abdominal muscle separation, pelvic floor rehabilitation, pregnancy & birth relation pain etc.).  Individualised postnatal rehabilitation programs are provided for women in an intimate & supportive small group setting (max 5 participants). Participants require referral into the class and a rehabilitation assessment.  A graded and individualised home program is offered in conjunction with the rehabilitation sessions.  Bookings are essential for all rehabilitation sessions.


Location:  Albury Integrated Health                       


Costs:    Initial Assessment (1hr) = $80

    Rehab session (1hr) = $20

    Reassessment (30 mins) = $30

    Total Rehabilitation package (pre & post assessment, 6 rehab sessions) = $210 

    Class package (6 rehab sessions) = $110

What to bring:                                                               

  • towel                                                                    

  • water bottle

  • nappy bag/floor rug/pram

  • baby!

Contact Simone to book your rehabilitation assessment 0410 616 813


Once you have completed your initial assessment you can book into your preferred rehab sessions online

Choose Group services>Physiotherapy>Postnatal Rehab.    Places limited!

Currently Unavailable

Weekly Group Programs

           MUM & BUB FIT

Mum & Bub Fit classes are designed for women from 3 weeks (uncomplicated vaginal delivery) post birth. Women can attend the class with their baby (and other children if necessary) for as long as they as they desire.  Mum & Bub Fit aims to provide a supportive environment for returning to physical activity safely, at a realistic and individually determined rate.  Exercise is focused on pelvic floor and abdominal muscle rehabilitation, postural and movement quality and functional conditioning. A wide variety of exercise styles are incorporated into classes to teach mums how to modify and progress their exercise safely.  Positive physical experiences with your baby are encouraged through the use of developmental positions and handling.  However, at Mum & Bub Fit we know that young babies often have a variable routine. Therefore, classes are structured to modify your exercises around your baby’s needs, so that you always get a suitable post-natal rehabilitation workout.  

Location:  Fitness 24 Seven Group X, Elgin Blvd, Wodonga             Cost: $15/class ($10 first class)

Free post-natal check available at first class. Please complete the postnatal pre-exercise questionnaire prior to your first class.


What to bring:

  • nappy bag/floor rug

  • pram/capsule

  • baby carrier i.e. Ergo, Manducca (optional)

  • towel

  • water bottle

Other Group Services - These classes run occasionally

Check monthly timetable to see if these classes are scheduled.  Some classes require bookings to guarantee your place.



A wide variety of exercise styles are offered during Indoor Birth Fit classes to highlight the range of suitable exercise options for pregnancy.  These include low-impact aerobic style exercise, ball classes, strength & conditioning, modified pilates-style exercise, matwork, mobility & flexibility, tai chi, postural re-education etc.


Birth Fit Indoor is offered on the timetable intermittently and requires a booking to secure your place

Location:  TBA                                             Cost:  $15/class 

What to bring:

  • towel

  • water bottle

Currently Unavailable



The Albury Botanical Gardens create a beautiful relaxing backdrop to this outdoor pregnancy class.  Outdoor classes run intermittently and on demand during the more temperate months.  The class offers a variety of exercise styles suited to pregnancy.  Bookings are required to secure your place.

Cost:  $15/class

What to bring:

  • Towel

  • Water bottle

  • Shoes optional

Currently Unavailable

           OUTDOOR AQUA (Pregnancy & Postnatal)


Outdoor Aqua runs intermittently and on demand in the summer months.  The class is designed for women during pregnancy or those who have recently had a baby. Water is a fantastic medium for exercise and is particularly suited for women during the latter stages of pregnancy, women with pelvic or other joint pain, and women with concerns about their abdominal or pelvic floor muscles. 


Location:  Albury Swim Centre                      Cost:  $10/class (pool entry not included)

Bookings are required to secure your place in the class

What to bring:

  • Towel

  • Bathers

  • Drink bottle

Currently Unavailable

           BIRTH FIT CYCLE


Stationary cycling provides the opportunity to get a great cardiovascular workout during pregnancy whilst supporting your joints, muscles and connective tissue.  Due to the more vigorous nature of the class, it is usually a 30 minute class. Cycling classes are best suited to pregnant women <35 weeks, as  comfortable positioning on the bike can be limited after this time.  These classes run intermittently and require a booking to secure your place


Location:  TBA                                             Cost:  $10

What to bring:

  • Towel & a hand towel

  • Water bottle

Currently Unavailable

Currently Unavailable

           MUM & BUB FIT OUTDOOR


Mum & Bub Fit outdoor classes are designed for any postnatal woman who is looking for an exercise option that they can attend with babies or children of all ages.  The aim of these classes is to provide a supportive, relaxed environment for getting safe physical activity, at a realistic and individually determined rate.  Exercise is focused on moving well, whilst progressing exercises in a graded way to meet the exercise goals of individual participants. A wide variety of exercise styles are incorporated into classes to teach mums how to modify and progress their exercise appropriately, include their children in their exercise program, and manage physical concerns from pregnancy & childbirth.  These classes run intermittently or on demand, and require a booking.

Location:  Albury Botanical Gardens                                Cost:  $10/class

What to bring:

  • nappy bag/picnic rug

  • pram

  • baby carrier (optional)

  • water bottle

  • towel

Currently Unavailable

           PRAM FIT


Pram Fit is a 'travelling' outdoor class where exercise is based around use of your pram.  The aim of these classes is to provide guidance in how to use your pram effectively to optimise pelvic floor and abdominal muscle recovery, and gain a varied workout that is suitable for postnatal women.  These classes run intermittently during the more temperate months.

Location:  Starting points vary (check timetable)                                    Cost:  $10/class

What to bring:

  • Pram

  • Good walking shoes

  • Towel

  • Water bottle

Currently Unavailable

Private Group Sessions


Do you have a group of friends who are sharing the pregnancy journey together?

Are you looking for a different activity to run with your mother's group?

Private pregnancy & mother's group sessions can be arranged by appointment.  Sessions can be run in the privacy of someone's home or at an outdoor location.


Contact Simone for details on 0410 616 813

One hour private group sessions ................... $90 (group rate/max participants 15)


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